86% of our clients
say that they can not work witout Cocktail RM

Kate Archibald-EZI (New Zealand)

Kate Archibald

General Manager - EZI Car Rental - New Zealand

We are very happy with the partnership that we have with WeYield and are very excited to hear of their ongoing innovation and development plans. We appreciate the synergy that such innovate thinking has with our business.


Benjamin Hode

Revenue Manager - Europcar Atlantique, France

It is simple: without CocktailRM, I am blind! This set of tools is incredibly simple to handle. The best RM tool ever!


Aurélie Lievin

Operations Director - Europcar Guadeloupe, France

First time in the morning, I can have an overview of what happened yesterday in term of performance and quick identify business opportunities for the ‘hot’ period. In one click, I get everything I need to control my business.

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