Fleet plan

One of the most complex part of the yield management in car rental is to anticipate what will be the capacity available for the future. On CocktailRM, the business analyst has an instant overview of the three main fleet dimensions: recent fleet history and future fleet planned for this year as well as the available fleet history last year. Combined with the total on-rent done or estimated, taking appropriate pricing or inventory decisions has never been so easy.

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Global booking situation

Cocktail Revenue Management provides a 10-second overview graphical matrics of the current and future situation of bookings of the company to quickly assess key matrix of the company. Business Analyst can understand if the total revenue is online with last year at equivalent period of time (even by brand if applicable).

Focus on a specific day or event

Draging around the mouse, business analyst can quickly get where he is standing in term of reservation vs last year, compare his trends and identify the final estimate for a given day, a period of time or a pre-defined event.


Portfolio is feeded by the reservation pick-up for the last 2, 7, 14 or 28 period compared with last year. The business analyst can identify instantly for which period the reservations were lower than expected.

Quickly identify where efforts need to be focus on

With hundreds of variables and criteria to focus on every day, the business analyst needs to get a clear understanding of key performance indicator. With differente various and share indicators, Business Analyst gets instant understanding on what and how changed over a particular booking interval.

Volume of rental by departure day

In Cocktail Revenue Management, we have decided to broadcast the display by Rental Agreements (or Contracts) because rate grids are set by departure day.

Focus on what count only

With a huge number of data and variables to play with combined with a lack of ressource to analyze deeply, the Business Analyst needs to see instantly what counts and on what variable he should focus on. With the treemap provided by Cocktail Revenue Management, it is possible in one view.

Demand bookpace

The demand bookpace is a graphical display of how many bookings (in days or in revenue) the company has in portfolio at any given time for a future arrival or event date. This curve is useful to measure if the total demand (or part of it: by segment, by station, by client) is stronger or weaker than last year and since how long. The business analyst can identify if his/her pricing or inventory actions have had an impact on the demand and if the trend has changed.


The REPORT feature gives a new possibility for the Sales team to monitor the activity of their account over the last three years. This menu is useful during sales negociation to be able to access to key performance indicators that are essential for the company results, not the one provided by the client, orienting the discussion to its own advantage.


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